Simple Diet 80-20 Principle

"Health is wealth 80-20 Principle" 

 -a well said proverb       

Healthy life is Happiness #1 

80 20                                  

Now days we have so many medicines but anything can be prevented before it happens. 

So, what's the main cause for majority of health issues in this world? 

Vedas and other great scholars and articles say food is medicine. 

"உணவே மருந்து!!" 

Which means food must be in limited quantity,  

Let's see how to achieve it. 

It all begins with a thumb rule 80-20 Principle, a simple way that you can restrict how much you eat. 

Eat only 80% of your usual diet, and decide if you want to eat more only after 20 minutes 

Why 80-20? - Because our brain can understand if our stomach is full only after 20 minutes we stop eating.  

What will happen by this? You will eat only correct amount of food, and if you feel really hungry after 20 minutes, then take a small fruit after 30 minutes (minimum time after your meal) of your meal. 

This is a very simple yet powerful way you can control your food. 

"To begin a change start from here" - Zen. 

  • San K.T.N.