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About Us

Who is a Guru?

A Guru is one who serves as a mentor or a guide. He is a master and a leader who leads us from darkness to light. He acts as a guiding star. A true Guru imparts WISDOM to his disciples.
What is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom ?

Knowledge is the perception of fact or truth. Wisdom is the enlightenment which comes from awareness, understanding and learning through experience.
What is the importance of a Guru?

Anything could be learnt through a book, articles or through any e­ books but penetrating and a clear­sighted view of any understanding comes in a fulfilled form only through a Guru

“The Guru” – an illustration through an experience

As discussed earlier, Wisdom is learning or Knowledge gained through experience. At one point of time, a doubt arose in my mind whether there is a possibility of learning things without a Guru. There are many kinds of open source available like different kinds of books and audio visual information to learn anything in this world and so …….. What is the need of a Guru?

My Guru answered in a calm manner with a different kind of illustration – a story of experience, taking us to the world of experience:

Once there lived a king who ruled a big kingdom. He grew old and decided to pass on his duties to his son and crown him as a king. He called upon his minister and discussed about this with him. The king said, “I am growing old, so let me hand over my duties to my son. Do you have anything to say on this?”

The minister immediately answered, “Oh King, I hesitate to open my views on this. But still as a grateful servant of your kingdom, I would like to call upon my opinion. Our Prince, I suppose could not be able to take care of the State of Affairs like you. He is still not burnt clay to understand and handle the situations” The King was alarmed and asked the minister, “What is making you to come to such conclusions?”

The minister replied, “I like to take you to a famous Raja Guru, who is the right person to put on things in its right place with his wisdom and prove my statement” The King agreed upon and they went to meet the Raja Guru along with the Prince. The prince – Let us understand about the Prince: He is a sort of a casual person who being the only son of the King was fed with all the riches and did not even get the feeling of hunger and thirst. Everything was in his hand reach and he need not have to worry upon anything. Everything was provided to him before he even felt that.

On seeing the Prince and the King Raja Guru welcomed them and was very happy at the decision of the king. He saw the Prince and understood the way he was brought up with all the comforts of life.
The Prince, on seeing the Guru asked him “What do you know about anything other than being so simple?”
Then the Guru said, “I would explain everything when you come tomorrow at early hours”

As called by the Guru the Prince reached his place in the morning. The Guru asked him whether he knows about Hunger and Thirst.

The Prince said, “What do you mean by thirst any ways?” The Raja Guru asked him to follow him. All the way they walked and walked a long way to go. They passed through rivers, mountains and villages. Wherever the Guru stopped, the Prince would ask him immediately, “Is this where thirst exists?” The Guru continued his journey without any answer.

A Real Guru, to open the eyes of wisdom of his disciples has to himself undergo lots of sufferings. In the same manner here the Raja Guru underwent all possible troubles in the form of hunger, thirst and tiredness. But still the Prince was not able to express anything and was continuing the journey.

At last, Raja Guru felt that the Prince would fail to experience the feeling of thirst and this would result in bringing towards the end of the prince’s life. So to make him get the feeling of thirst and bring the inner experience, Guru took out his bottle from his bag to quench his thirst.

Immediately on seeing the bottle of water, the Prince pulled the bottle of water from the Guru and said, “O Guru! Please give me some water. I feel like drinking water. My throat is getting dried up. I am not able to walk any more. “

The Raja Guru now gave a smile, and said, “This is the spark of experience which is going to enlighten you. This is what we call it as thirst. Experience alone can lead a person to his betterment and understanding.” The Prince took the bottle and quenched his thirst. The Raja Guru continued, “You have now learnt through experience and this is what is needed to become a perfect King, who can understand his subjects’ needs and feelings and serve them in a best possible manner.”

The Prince was taken aback by the master and fell at his feet. He inscribed about his experience and this passed on to ages. But still it is not the same as the experience of the Prince in reality.
Without Guru reading just the inscription is going to be just a knowledge and not wisdom. Mere reading and going through it is a fake feeling. One cannot travel inside to know the nothing and come outside and live the life as it is. To ‘Know the Nothing’ – A master is needed to handhold us to reach the path of enlightenment.

Once this realization happens, the real Guru leaves his place without leaving any of his footprints.
After the experience, the disciples have to take over the task and discover a new path of enlightenment.
Abstract things cannot be explained but it can only be experienced. To get in touch with a Guru – Contact a living Guru who can enlighten and make you experience the wholeness inside nothingness. Still not able to find the clarity on the subject then, free to attend group seminars and workshops.

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Everybody is trying to beautify their Nothingness.
Knowing the Nothing is knowing the wholeness,
Know the Nothing is centering your Self,
Knowing the Nothing is centering the mind.
Enjoy Each and Every Moment after realizing the Nothingness.

Living in the Nothingness state is Buddha, Krishna , Mohammed, Jesus, Mahaveera, Ramana and Viveka. Know the Nothing list goes on... Why don’t you be the next in this list?